Tips on Air Conditioning Your Computer Lab

man cleans the air conditioning at work

man cleans the air conditioning at work












Computers today are almost a must in today’s times and it has so many uses in our daily life. Use a laptop putting it on your lap, and you’ll feel the heat very soon! So you know that computers, whether desktop or laptop, generate a lot of heat. Now imagine how much heat a computer lab or computer room can generate! The heat, if not taken away in time, can cause severe damages to your computers and other equipment in the lab. Of course, you need to use air conditioners to keep your server room and lab cool.

However, just installing some air conditioners may not help. Maintaining a cool and cozy environment inside your computer lab requires a little planning and consistent execution. The HVAC system of your computer lab should be made separate from that of other rooms in your office. Consider seeking professional help for proper installation and regular maintenance of your computer lab’s HVAC system. For best results, contact an acclaimed aircon servicing company in your area and have them inspect, clean, maintain, and take care of all air conditioning needs in your computer lab.
How Does Heat Affect Your Computer Lab?
Excessive heat can affect the performance of your computers and other equipment in the lab. It is important to note that laptops are more likely than desktops to suffer damages due to overheating. This is because all components of a laptop are squeezed into a small compartment, hardly leaving any room for proper air flow and heat transfer. Overheating can cause hardware faults, data loss, and a Blue Screen Error or the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). Some common symptoms of computer or laptop overheating are as follows;
• The internal fan is generating loud noises every time you are operating the computer for some time
• Your computers are running very slow and taking unusually long time to respond
• You notice some of your computers shut down improperly
These are some signs that your computers are getting overheated. Excessive heat inside your computer lab is a common cause of computer overheating. One way to diagnose the actual cause of the problem is by calling HVAC professionals for a proper inspection.
How to Maintain the Air Conditioners in Your Computer Lab
You probably have multiple air conditioners installed in your computer lab. Because your computer lab generates a lot of heat, you usually need to keep your air conditioners running round the clock or most of the time in a day. As a result, the air conditioners in your computer lab are more susceptible to damages and breakdowns. This is exactly why regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep the systems running at their best for a long time. Filters inside your air conditioner need to be cleaned every few weeks. Otherwise, the dust and dirt accumulated on the filter can hamper the air flow. Similarly, dust, dirt and grime can accumulate on the evaporator coil and condenser coil inside your air conditioner and clog them.
You also need to regularly clean the condensate drains and coil fins. If some parts are damaged, you need to replace those as soon as possible. Regular maintenance and aircon servicing would surely improve the performance of your air conditioners and help maintain optimal temperature in your computer lab.

What Can You Use The Computers For

image_001As everyone knows, the computers are the result of plenty of years of evolution in different areas, especially in technology. However, without them, we wouldn’t be able to do our work these days, as the computers help us but also do a lot of things for us.

If in the beginning, the first computer was as big as a deposit, today you can use the smallest computer on your smart phone – these are also made after the prototype of the usual computers and laptops.

Let’s see what the computers are good for and how you can use them in today’s world.

For Learning

There are plenty of schools today that are using computers to teach different subjects. Apart from the educational purpose that they have in school, they are also used at home by the students to do their home works and projects. Many of their tasks that they have to prepare for the next day wouldn’t be possible unless they had their computers.

For Teaching

The teachers weren’t left behind and developers have created different applications to help teacher in their work. Now they have available different programs that help them in create interacting lessons to engage the students and determine them to create their own opinions about what they are learning.

image_002It’s not a secret anymore that more and more teachers are using the help of computers in teaching their curricula, as this is not only easier, but it makes the lessons even more interesting for the students – smaller or bigger ones.

In Developing New Apps

The apps that are used today for different things wouldn’t be possible unless someone used a computer to develop them. There are plenty of programming languages and those who develop them are using one of those along with the computer. This way, every task is solved much faster and everything is controlled without too much effort from the developer.

In Programming

As was said before, there are different programming languages. Some of them are used for developing apps for the online environment, or directly websites, while others are used for developing programs.

There are people who know more than one programming languages, and those are indeed gifted in this area.

In Creating Websites

Websites are done with programming languages or by knowing really good how to apply web design programs. Either way, the result is almost the same – a gorgeous website that has everything that the owner wants. Some want websites for creating online stores, while others are simply looking for ways to allow people easier access to information.

image_005Whatever the reasons, the websites are the result of someone’s work in this area and it contains a lot of elements that are not so easily to create.

In Communications

There are the social networks available that are not used for communicating around the world, but there are also the private networks that are using the computers to store information, and disseminate it around different users.

The computers have now replaced the letters and the mails, but also the faxes and other forms of primitive communication. Today, you can use VoIP services, meaning Voice Internet Protocol, typical services that help you have a constant communication with other computers located in other buildings or cities, all of them connected in the same private network.

One more final thing – the computers are usually connected to the online environment, and if it’s a wireless network people are using routers; the same, there are routers used in the case there is a private network and the computers are connected to it. This is the device that allows them to keep an open communication line all the time.